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A Dealer Specific Payments Processing Provider

Processing Transactions Should Be Easy.

Dealer Pay offers a wide variety of services to keep your business running efficiently. Our dealer-specific solutions cover more than just simple payment processing. We have innovative services to help you manage all facets of your dealership. From sales and accounting, to service and customer retention, Dealer Pay makes for happy employees and loyal customers!

Point of Sale Solutions



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Here's How We Help Dealers.

Credit Card Processing

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (OptBlue)… even Fleet Cards such as Voyager and Wright Express… in all ways, Magnetic Stripe, Chip (EMV), Tap (Mobile/NFC), Hosted Payments and more!

Check & ACH Processing

If they are still writing them, we’re still processing them. We process checks and ACH payments both electronically and with a guarantee. We also provide delayed payments and ACH processing with and without guarantee.

Mobile & Point-To-Point Encrypted Hardware

Keep the payments flowing, even if you are on the go. Our mobile solutions allow you to accept payments using your phone or tablet. Additionally, our P2PE certified devices have multiple layers for increased security.

POS, Kiosk, & Technology Solutions

Dealer Pay’s web-based solutions will not only streamline your payment acceptance, but improve customer communications and transaction efficiency. Designed to improve your workflow and save you time.

Online, 3rd Party & E‑Commerce Solutions

Simplify your payment acceptance with a secure and reliable hosted solution and payment gateway. Accept payments using either our provided point-of-sale solutions or integrate it right into your website.

Gift & Stored Value Programs

Our customizable gift and loyalty solutions help you grow your business by attracting new customers while retaining existing ones. Boost customer loyalty with unique rewards that are tailored to your dealership.

DMS Integrations

All of our dealer-specific solutions are designed to help your dealership increase sales and profits, as well as process payments faster and more secure in each department. Now in addition to offering your customers payment flexibility, we have added a way to increase efficiencies even further. With DMS Integration, users in each department will have the ability to search the DMS in “real time” for open RO#’s, parts tickets, deal numbers and more. From there, they can quickly select the payment type, card or check (card present, send payment request, key-entered, recurring, etc.). These new options that tie Dealer Pay to your DMS will reduce steps and data entry/key-stroke errors, as well as ensure the most efficient transaction processing available. And that’s not all. Now you can enjoy Auto Reconciliation! Dealer Pay will match each transaction to the DMS, and any unmatched items will be shown on an exception report (primarily for refunds or credits) and emailed daily for your convenience.

Trusted Partners

Increase Profit Margins With Every Card Transaction.

Recoup some or all of your transaction costs with an average “effective rate” of 2%! Share Pay Rate is customizable by department, dollar threshold, and card presentation.

Share In Benefits With Dealer Pay Share.

Yes, we can set up each department to collect the percentage you choose.

Signage is recommended at the point of entry and point of sale, but verbal disclosure prior to the transaction is not required. Itemized details will be displayed on the customer receipt, which can be printed, emailed or texted.

Yes, you can refund the Pay Share amount on an individual basis after the sale.

No, the criteria set must be applied to all qualifying transactions.

Yes, with a written request from a dealership administrator and Dealer Pay approval.

Highly Recommended

Dealer Pay is innovative, responsive and goes above and beyond for their dealers.

- Midway Motors Supercenter, Inc.

PCI Compliant

Providing secure payment acceptance is important to your customers. All solutions are PCI-DSS certified and keep your business compliant.

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