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A Dealer Specific Payments Processing Provider

A Quick Note From Julie.

My name is Julie Douglas, president of Dealer Pay, LLC, otherwise known as the Sales Lady Extraordinaire. I have been providing payments to dealers for over 20 years and I am committed to offering the best payments and technology solutions for this industry. I am passionate about what I do and will continue providing competitive and transparent pricing with excellent service and support. I can be contacted directly, Julie@dealer-pay.com.

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Account Management:

888.848.3812, ext 2


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Monday – Friday 7 AM – 7PM

Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM



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Other Helpful Contacts.

Customer Service: 866.435.0666, ext 2
Tech Support:  866.435.0666, ext 1
Authorization/Dial Pay: 800.226.1007
Email: Customersupport@clearent.com

Customer Service:  866.427.7297 ext 3
Tech Support:  866.427.7297 ext. 2

Customer Service:  800.552.1900
Voice Authorizations:  800.654-1200

Customer Service: 888-481-0757 ext 2
Tech Support: 888-481-0757 ext 1

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