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Give the Gift of a Stress-Free Car-Buying Experience to Your Customers This Holiday Season

An Article Written By Dealer Pay

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but with that comes a load of stress and chaotic schedules, too!

Holidays deals are in full swing, which means you’re likely to have customers with gift ideas in mind stepping through your dealership’s doors. It’s important to provide a stress-free shopping experience that makes the car-buying process quick and easy – for everyone’s sake!

What’s one thing everyone wishes there was more of during the holiday season? 


Say a customer walks into your dealership hoping to purchase a new car for themselves or a loved one – it’s understandable that they’d want to be in and out without too much of a hassle. The same goes for a customer who’s looking to get those necessary repairs to feel safer for the winter season – with only so much time before the first BIG snowfall.

Everyone has a need to transact quickly. Luckily, the days of agonizingly slow payment processes are over!

Mobile (text/email) payment options will surely differentiate you from the competition and in turn better satisfy your customers during the holiday season.  Offering fast and convenient ways to pay will not only help close sales, but also give your customers more reasons to come back to your dealership for their next purchase.

Be transparent with your customers. When fraud is at an all-time high, reassure them that your dealership uses best practices for payment acceptance and data security.  Whether a customer is in your store or not, make sure they know your dealership prioritizes protecting their sensitive consumer cardholder data. The last thing anyone wants to deal with during the holidays (or any time, for that matter) is identity or payment information fraud. Safety comes first, which leads to ease of mind and a much more joyful experience.

Give the gift of a stress-free and satisfactory shopping experience this season – one your customers will remember (and if you’re lucky, tell friends and family about while they gaze in awe at a shiny, bow-clad vehicle).

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