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Contactless Payments: Using Text & Email for Faster Transactions

An Article Written By Dealer Pay

Everyone’s on the go these days. With mobile payment applications and eCommerce, gone are the days of browsing in-store on the regular and paying bills via snail mail. Consumers expect quick and simple transactions whether they’re purchasing new clothes, groceries, service – and YES, even cars!

It’s all about convenience.

Depending on what a consumer is doing when communication is initiated, a phone call regarding payment can lessen their overall opinion towards a dealership. This holds even truer for millennials – 75% of this generation prefers texting over talking on the phone and 60% prefer communicating with companies via text messaging.

Text and email are effective means of communication because they give the consumer more control over when they take action. A phone call is a distraction that needs immediate attention, whereas a text message or email notifies customers without feeling intrusive.

Ensure your dealership has flexibility by expanding your communication options to include text and email! Not only are both communication methods less invasive, but they offer quick and simple means of paying bills across departments whether a customer is financing a vehicle or having service done. At the tap of a button, consumers can efficiently pay their bill right from their phone, tablet, or computer!

This doesn’t just apply to customers, either. Our mobile solutions allow you to be more nimble and accept payments with your phone or tablet – even if you’re on the go. A previously tedious and time-consuming payment process can now be handled quickly and efficiently – all while ensuring customer satisfaction!

A Summary of Benefits for Your Dealership:

🚗 Sales: Customers no longer have to wait to drive off with their new car.

💸 Finance: Better organize payments throughout the day by keeping everything digital.

🧰 Service: Customers can drop off their vehicle and pick it up without anyone in the shop having to stop work to handle payment.

Interested in learning more about Dealer Pay’s mobile payment communications system? We’re here to help – on YOUR schedule! Let us know when you’re free and we’ll pencil a demo in for you on our calendar.