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Wisconsin's Payment

A WATDA Endorsed Payments Processing Provider

Has your check engine light popped on for your payment processor?

See if Dealer Pay could be a better fit for your dealership, schedule a quick and easy 30- minute custom demo of our software with Cody or Julie from our Wisconsin Sales Team!

Don’t Have the Time for a Demo? See How Much Dealer Pay Can Save You First!

Schedule Your Demo

See our solutions in action. Demos are usually 20-30 minutes long.

Tailored For You

Get a live demo, customized to fit your dealership's needs.

Let's Talk Cost

Receive a custom proposal with details on your new Dealer Pay program.

It's A Date!

Put your installation and training on the Calendar. We're head out in person to get you started.

The reports are easy to read and contain plenty of information for reconciling. Plus, Dealer Pay saved us on credit card fees. We highly recommend Dealer Pay!

- David Hobbs Honda