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Frequently Asked Questions.

Re-process the transaction correctly, then Void the incorrect transaction. 

These transactions take longer than sales and can take 3-5 days or more.

Yes, you can accept signature debit, which is processed just like a credit.

Most auto dealers have an effective rate of 1.75%-2.25%, depending on the card type.

YES, and you should always reference the state of the driver’s license if different than the state on the check.

You should politely ask for another form of payment and provide the customer with a decline card for reference.

Please complete Card Authorization form online or download and print the form here.

Please select the correct form based off your provider. 

Payroc Form

Clearent Form

Card Connect Form

Complete ALL fields on the form with Sales Information, Card Information and billing information. Store securely and repeat, until the site is back up and running. 
Once internet and/or power is restored, process each transaction as a Card Not Present transaction. If a check/ACH is accepted, please deposit the check manually.

Other Helpful PCI Resources.

PCI Compliance - Card-not-present Merchants

PCI Compliance - Using a Third-Party Website

PCI Compliance - Merchants with Only Imprint Machines

Standalone, IP-Connected PTS (POI) Terminals

Merchants with Web-Based Virtual Payment Terminals

Merchants with Systems Connected to the Internet

Terminals in a PCI SSC-Listed P2PE Solution Only

COVID-19 Form

Mutual Non-Disclosure

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