Dealer-focused Payment Solutions include, Card & Check/ACH Processing, Point-of-Sale Software, Hosted/On-line Payment Acceptance, Encrypted Hardware & More!


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Contact Information

Account Management: 888.848.3812, ext 2
Business Hours: M-F 7am-7pm, Sat 9am- 2pm

Customer Service: 866.435.0666, ext 2
Tech Support:  866.435.0666, ext 1
Authorization/Dial Pay: 800.226.1007


Customer Service:  866.427.7297 ext 3
Tech Support:  866.427.7297 ext. 2

Customer Service:  800.552.1900
Voice Authorizations:  800.654-1200

Customer Service: 888-481-0757 ext 2
Tech Support: 888-481-0757 ext 1

Frequently Asked Questions

VOID and re-process for the correct amount. Please note that an authorization from the first transaction may appear for 3-5 days.

These transactions take longer than sales and can take 3-5 days or more.

Yes, you can accept signature debit, which is processed just like a credit.

Most auto dealers have an effective rate of 1.75%-2.25%, depending on the card type.

YES, and you should always reference the state of the driver’s license if different than the state on the check.

You should politely ask for another form of payment and provide the customer with a decline card for reference.

Reference your processor credentials and contact either Voice Authorizations, Dial Pay, or utilize the mobile application.