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Dealership News Podcast Featuring Julie Douglas | Dealer Pay

An Article Written By Dealer Pay

Using the latest automotive technology, Dealer Pay’s dealer solutions provide dealer specific auto payment solutions and merchant services to car dealerships and automotive groups.

Dealer Pay provides fast, secure payment and credit card processing for the automotive industry. We are dealer specific, catering to each department in a dealership.

Including but not limited to sales, service, parts and finance. Dealer Pay Plus offers quick chip technology, Point-to-Point Encryption, secure hardware with mobile and signature capture options.

This includes data collection optimization, reduced processing fees, improved security for verification, and increased transaction speeds that eliminate delays and uncertainty.

Save time and money with 25% faster processing speeds by eliminate scans and lengthy forms.

Optimization for every aspect of your dealership. Improve reconciliation with Dealer Pay’s robust reporting and management tools. Improve your dealership’s operational efficiency by controlling multi-location/hierarchy from one dashboard.

We setup effectively so you can manage multiple locations, departments and users. Our transaction management system allows each department to easily search, sort, filter and modify transactions. Quickly and simply reference RO#s and users. Access summaries and detailed batch data for quick bank reconciliation, with our robust batch reporting.

Our rewards and loyalty program include a portal for automated loyalty accruals and custom reward redemptions. Offer flexible payment options for your busy customers, including card & check/ACH, swipe, chip/EMV, NFC & mobile, ACH debit, verification & guarantee.

Scheduled weekly, monthly and annual recurring payment plans. Send secure links for safe, secure transactions, token card, and ACH payment vaults for rebilling of repeat customers. Payment requests can be sent 24-7 through secure links.

Improve customer communication with automatic text and email templates. Our DMS integration reduces errors and increases system fluidity with ability to connect transactions with existing customer data. Gain insight into historical transaction data and optimize true revenue using Dealer Pay’s Analytics/ Optimization platform.

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