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Winter 2019 Newsletter

An Article Written By Dealer Pay

Focus on your revenue goals and starting the year strong!

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As we begin the 2nd month of 2019 and are likely busy finishing up year end, taxes, budgets and more, don’t lose focus on revenue goals and starting off ahead.


Baby it’s cold outside

Updates to Warm Up To

Dealer Pay has been hard at work making several improvements and enhancements to our dealer-specific solutions, that will ultimately help you get business warmed up.

  • Near Field Communication (NFC)

    • Most all of our dealers terminals accept this payment type, but do your customers know this.  We have these available now to be displayed by your devices.  Simply contact support  (support@dealer-pay.com) if you need some to display. This will let your customers know that you accept these payments with a tap of a phone, card or watch (equipped with a mobile wallet), simplifying the checkout process and making your dealership more progressive and technology friendly.


We have been very busy enhancing our solutions to incorporate several features that result in increased revenue! This is what you can expect in the upcoming weeks:

  • ACH

    • Dealer Pay Plus has teamed up with Paya to incorporate our very own built-in  Check/ACH Debit processing, with options for both Verification and Guarantee. This feature does NOT require hardware and can help streamline deposits and returns


  • Rewards/Loyalty

    • Next and very soon (March), we are rolling out Dealer Pay Plus Rewards to automate accruals and custom redemptions, offering a seamless process to maximize customer retention

  • Communications

    • Dealer Pay Plus will be expanding our “send payment request” feature to a full-on communications portal, providing automatic, open text and templated customer communications, via text and email. This will greatly improve daily customer communications and workflow.

  • DMS Integration (Dealer Track)

    • Yes, we are very excited to offer the ability to connect a transaction with an open RO, customer or parts ticket, bringing over both the customer data and payment due amount. This will reduce errors and increase system fluidity.

Click here for our brochure if you’d like more information about Dealer Pay!

Dealership Spotlight


“We were in search of a hands-on provider for credit card processing, that could provide both competitive pricing and enhanced security for each store. Julie is an industry expert and provided insight into how her solutions could help streamline our cashier and office/accounting operations.  The Dealer Pay Plus solution allows us to eliminate several manual processes, but also improve the customer experience.”     – Nadir Djavaherian / Darsha Jennings

Check Out The New Dealers We’ve Added

  • Jim Butler Kia – Chesterfield, MO

  • Jim Butler Linn – Linn, MO

  • Jim Trenary Chev-Parts – Union, MO

  • Pappas Toyota-Parts – St Peters, MO

  • Modern Auto Parts-Washington, MO

  • Jim Butler Chev Fenton – Fenton, MO

  • Jim Butler Maserati – Maplewood, MO

  • Jim Butler Used Cars – St Louis, MO

  • Lovegreen Chrysler – Kirksville, MO

  • Lovegreen Ford – Kirksville, MO

  • Jim Butler Web – Fenton, MO

  • Jim Butler Chev – Linn, MO

  • Lou Fusz Buick Parts – St Louis, MO

  • Don Brown Chev – St Louis, MO

  • Thompson Sales Parts – Springfield, MO



Wow it’s February or should I say, when is Spring going to arrive.  Either way, we have been busy ironing out our newest features and even aligning new partnerships to provide the best solutions to you, our dealers. I always love this opportunity to say thank you for your business, but please also don’t hesitate to catch up with me personally if there is anything you need.

Your payments partner,

Julie Douglas
President, Sales Lady Extraordinaire