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Dealer Pay is firing on all cylinders with Dealer Pay Plus!

An Article Written By Dealer Pay


Choosing the right payment processor is one of the most critical business decisions car dealerships will make in 2019.

For most dealerships and automotive groups, credit card processing and merchant fees are in the top 5 of expenses. A partner who provides competitive rates and helps you understand the factors affecting interchange rates, helps you gain better control over your monthly costs. Also, insuring your dealership is processing as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A payment processing partner should have a vast knowledge of the automotive industry, help you embrace industry changes and provide the tools, technology and education. This ensures your dealership is accepting payments in the most economical manner. Car dealerships and auto stores have been conditioned by sales people who sell strictly on rate. Setting up your business to accept commercial, fleet, business, purchase and government cards is different than setting up a standard merchant account.

Up to 40% of the fees paid to accept these cards is determined by how these transactions qualify on an interchange level. Commercial cards have tiered interchange rates allowing you to capture additional revenue that is not related to the rate your processor is charging you.

Most dealers can qualify for lower rates by collecting in-depth payment information along with enhanced payment technology. Dealer-specific solutions streamline your payments and improves customer communication, while giving your privileged customers the ability to pay from their office, home or at the dealership, using a variety of devices.

Staying up to date and current will keep your dealership relevant for the years to come with Broad Spectrum Acceptance and accepting all payment types: credit/debit cards (mag-stripe, EMV/chip, NFC/mobile, check and ACH. Integrating with your DMS, providing a real-time sync for processing repair orders and finance transactions, ultimately provides absolute reconciliation for your business.

The most important technology is security, right? All customer data is safely transmitted and stored with DP Safe, so you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve knowing all transactions are PCI-DSS compliant.

A large focus in 2019 along with security is convenience and mobile features. Reach your customers for both sales and service using our communications portal, by text and email. With DP Link, you can both send and receive authorizations, payments and more! Additional features including offers, rewards, loyalty, surveys, customer updates and mobile sync are rolling out soon. We work closely with you to ensure that your payment operations are set up correctly ensuring your transactions qualify at the most favorable rates.

Dealer Pay Plus features and benefits include:

Dealer Pay Plus offers:

Web-based, user-friendly – Operational efficiency

  • Responsive interface, easy login, multi-location, user/manager/admin setup, etc.

Fast & secure processing – Quick checkout & reduced PCI Scope

  • Point-to-point Encrypted IP Hardware, EMV/Quick Chip, NFC, Signature Capture

Dynamic & flexible payment feature-sets – Improved CSI

  • Safe, Recurring Billing, Hosted/Email payment requests & receipts, & more

Data collection & detailed reporting – Easy bank reconciliation

  • RO#/VIN, Name field requirements, detailed filter, search & export reporting

Reliable back-end transaction processing – Reduced down-time

  • Fail-safe gateway/processor, single point integration, duplicate/failed transaction prevention

Interchange optimization – Reduced fees & Risk/Exposure

  • No card-present required fields (address & zip), Level 2 Data processing & more

Do you want secure and reliable transaction processing on a Dealer-Specific Point-of-Sale Solution? How about user-friendly application with encrypted hardware, detailed reporting and features/functions to promote customer retention?  Transparent/competitive rates (that don’t increase), direct/friendly support with a dependable and proven provider?  The answers are YES…let Dealer Pay show you why.

Don’t be fooled by your bank or other processors, with great “intro” rates and empty promises. Dealer Pay is dedicated to providing the perfect solution for your dealership, with all of its glory and rates that cannot be beat. We specialize in providing each user in all departments with best practices and new ideas to help improve business performance and overall profitability. If you allow Dealer Pay to customize a solution for your dealership, with all of its glory and rates that cannot be beat, you can rest assured you have best solution available. Contact us today and let us prove it to you!

Let Dealer Pay rev up your dealership!

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